Are your blogs failing to garner expected viewership or interest in your business? Are you looking for an innovative marketing strategy that would propel you to newer heights? It’s time to turn your attention to something that casts an impression immediately, arouses desire instantly and leads to action straightway. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about videos the most powerful communication tool. The success of individuals and small businesses on YouTube and other similar platforms have given rise to what is known as Video Blogs or simply Vlogs. It has to be a part of your marketing strategy in 2017 and here we grasp how it can be very helpful for your venture

Attract Eyeballs

Irrespective of how well you write and how often you share your blogs on Social Media it is a herculean task to attract eyeballs. It is even a bigger challenge to be able to keep your visitors engaged and returning. Most of them would lose interest or find no incentive in reading your blogs unless you are a certain Seth Godin or a Matt Cutts. Videos operate in a different space and immediately grab a viewer’s attention. Running video blogs allows you to attract more eyeballs and immediately and this translates into increased interactions and achieve desired results.

Build Your Brand

The startup space is buzzing with activity which also makes it extremely competitive. It is here that you need to focus on branding to shed your ‘just another idea’ image and turn your business into a brand to reckon with. Informative and engaging videos can do wonders in brand building as it makes your products, services, logos and brand name easily identifiable. You would be able to create the same kind of traction that brands do with their TV commercials and in fact in a much more comprehensive way given the low cost (or rather no cost) of entry.

Strike Chord with Investors & Potential Customers

As a small business or a startup you need to make a strong impression in the minds of investors as well as potential customers. And there is no better way to do this than using videos. In a matter of few seconds a short and crisp video explains what paragraphs of texts aren’t able to achieve. Very few people care to read though a blog unless of course they have come looking for it. With a Vlog you neither waste your time nor that of your viewer!

Vlogs would be the most defining marketing technique for startups in 2017. Get ready to explore it