Analysts would often make you believe that StartUps’ are having a field day, successfully attracting investors and launching their products/ services with ease. But that’s not how the StartUp life is in reality, it’s harsher life than one can think of. More often than not, StartUps’ do not have an easy start. As an entrepreneur, you need to tread the precarious path with caution and make sure you foresee pitfalls beforehand. Since funding often determines the success route for any StartUp you must do everything to earn good press as well as survive the Valley of Death (the time from conception to success).

What you need is a good PR strategy one that would impress investors and arouse desires to invest. Public Relation is necessary not only for this purpose but also later when you are ready to take your product or service to the larger base of target customers. Thus starting with good PR activities at the very outset will only help you later. Let’s take a look at a few PR activities that you should keep in mind when you want to get funded.

1. Let The Person Who Heads Speak

In the beginning, you will have a small team, most of whom will be hired for product development. Since you might not have the financial liberty to hire a PR professional, don’t let that be an impediment while attracting investors. As the head of the team be ready to talk and share your idea with the world. Be the face of your StartUp, face the investors with conviction and show them your confidence. Don’t let others do the talking as they won’t know what your idea is all about, no matter how long they have been with you. Its’ the Founder who matters as it is his/her vision, no-one else can explain better.

2. Let Your Idea/ Work Speak

Most often it is a good idea to let your work speak. It is a classic PR strategy where your simplicity and inexperience wins. However, for this strategy to work in your favour you need, an idea that is innovative and impressive. VCs, seed capitalists and other investors should be able to see how different your idea is from your competitors. Your vision should be clear and the roadmap properly etched out that shows them the true potential of your idea.

3. Invest Your Time in Social Media

In this day and, age there is no reason for you to underestimate the power of social media. What started as a means to connect and socialise has turned into the biggest business platform in the world. Make optimum use of social media, not simply to impress investors but also for connecting with target customers. Social media can be very powerful if used properly and can make the right impact when funding is in your mind.

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4. Share Your Story

Do not make the mistake of pitching your idea in a very formal manner. This doesn’t impress investors any longer. Jargons and formal language are passé with most of your investors having heard them too often that you would imagine. You must give your presentation a personal touch by sharing insights on the struggle, those long working hours, the almost desperate situations and last but not the least, the days of success. Most often investors are all ears when you tell them your story. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to have your figures and matrix’s ready. They are crucial as well.

PR is not a one-day affair. You need to invest time and effort in building relations, first with the investor and later with your customers. Since at the beginning you won’t have the liberty to get experts on board hone your skills and talk to investors like a pro and if you have the extra saved moolah, hire a Good PR agency.