About Us

Start-n-Excel is an initiative by Veloz TechForm that promotes Entrepreneurship. Start-n-Excel gives StartUps’ a Platform to showcase their Profile and Product. Start-n-Excel also has a section for Mentors, Investors, Incubators and Accelerators to login and get access to Profiles of StartUps’ and connect with them if their vision matches.

Start-n-Excel was built to narrow the geographic disconnect in the StartUp ecosystem. The Tier II & III cities have budding StartUps' but because they lack the resources and connections, which are prime requirements for a StartUp to succeed and thrive, they are not able upscale and grow like the StartUps’ of Tier I cities. StartUps’ from Tier I cities that have advantage of a well-developed StartUp ecosystem and a well-established network of Mentors, Investors & Accelerators.

Start-n-Excel helps to overcome this disconnect and to help StartUps’, to connect with Mentors, Investors and Incubators & Accelerators of Tier I cities. Since the data will be at one place, it will also enable easy and fast connections that usually does not happen, unless a StartUp comes to a Pitch Event or finds a network connection with the MIA community (Mentors, Investors and Accelerators).